This is the ship run overtly by an intimidating goliath, let's say and covertly by a ruthless woman.

Ship combat block

Type and Size: _ (_)
Speed: wind × _ ft. (maneuverability)
Overall AC:
Hull sections: _ (sink _ sections)
Section hp: _ (hardness _)
Section AC:
Rigging Sections:
Rigging hp: _ (hardness _)
Ram: _d_
Mounts: _ light and _ heavy
Space: _ ft. by _ ft.
Height: _ ft. (draft _ ft.)
Cargo: _ tons (Speed wind × _ ft. if _ tons or more)


Mix of elves and half elves, primarily; possibly a few members of the other races.

Captain Nighthunter

Summary: NE Goliath something

Combat Block

probably the cohort (or thrall) of the woman who passes herself off as a concubine)

LA        rogue     feat[Exotic Weapon Proficiency(gnome swordcatcher)]
marshal    bard     
fighter    bard     fighter[Combat Expertise], feat[Improved Trip]
fighter    bard     fighter[Improved Disarm]
sage    crusader Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Focus
bard        crusader feat[Ascetic Mage]
marshal    corsair     Improved Feint
sage    exotic weapon master (trip attack)     

STR    16
DEX    10
CON    16
INT    14
WIS    10
CHA    18
HP:        65
BAB:     7/2
Saves:    8/6/9
Trip:     15; avoid 11
Disarm:    32 including dance
Attack:    16/11 including dance

"Concubine" Clarice Beingurth

Summary: CE Female Half-Elf(CHA,STR) Battle Dancer/Crusader//Bard/Swordsage
Appearance: Black hair, green eyes.

Combat Block

wilder     battledance    feat[EWP:Collapsing Crescent Fan],flaw[Hidden Talent(mind link)]
wilder     battledance    
wilder     swashbuckler    feat[TWF]
wilder     rogue    
wilder     crusader    
wilder     thrallherd    feat[]
rogue     thrallherd    
crusader thrallherd    
rogue     mindbender    feat[ITWF]

STR    10
DEX    16
CON    14
INT     8
WIS    14
CHA    18

BAB:     8/3
Saves:    7/8/12
Attack:    16/11 including dance
1 Inertial Armor
1 Conceal Thoughts
1 Mindlink
1 Psionic Charm (cheap)
2 Inflict Pain
3 Energy Burst
4 Death Urge
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