Baldric Bronco

This is the parody of the Sea Stallion from Pirates captained by the pirate hunter Reynold Edwards.

Ship combat block

Type and Size: _ (_)
Speed: wind × _ ft. (maneuverability)
Overall AC:
Hull sections: _ (sink _ sections)
Section hp: _ (hardness _)
Section AC:
Rigging Sections:
Rigging hp: _ (hardness _)
Ram: _d_
Mounts: _ light and _ heavy
Space: _ ft. by _ ft.
Height: _ ft. (draft _ ft.)
Cargo: _ tons (Speed wind × _ ft. if _ tons or more)


Mix of elves and half elves, primarily; possibly a few members of the other races.

Captain Reynold Edwards

Summary: NG Male Human Swashbuckler//something
Appearance: Blond hair, blue eyed, fairly well muscled. Very confident, but not the brightest guy in the world.

Second son of the mayor/warden of Bantdol who grew up dreaming of becoming a pirate hunter, though hos father had hoped to keep his sons out of danger (why he took the posting which would grant him land and an economic opportunity).

Combat Block

First Mate Rubi

Summary: CG Female Human Swashbuckler//Bard/Battle Dancer
Appearance: Almost bleached blond hair, blue eyed, in good shape.

Daughter of a pirate hunter; served as cabin "boy"/scutwork crew member on a ship that frequently made dropoffs on Bantdol. Learned technical skills that should have gotten her to higher rankings, but protective feelings of the crew made that impossible. Complained about it to Reynold throughout their childhood while unintentionally giving him a desire to set out to be a pirate hunter himself. Did not hesitate to sign on … once she heard it was as first officer, not scut work.

Combat Block

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