Most of this is probably irrelevant, as I don't plan on having the gods interact too directly with the lives of the PCs, but these are things that have occurred to me while I picked the pantheons and so I figured I should right them down.

Common Gods

Some of the gods of the Baldric would obviously have interacted with more than one of the local races and would appear in multiple pantheons under different names

The Hunter

The hunter is known as Tui Delai Gau to the darfellans and as Manethak to the goliaths. Whether the goliaths developed their skills with the harpoon and skipping blade in an effort to emulate The Hunter or if The Hunter's skills with these weapons encouraged the darfellans' stories where he could send out his hands to catch fish for him will remain ambiguous.

The Shark

Not quite the same thing; there was once a single gray shark god with dominion over many undersea followers who attempted to conquer the land and bring those who tread upon it under his banner as well. He was stopped by one of the other gods (let's assume Aventernus) who split him in to two pieces, one confined to the seas in the form of a great white shark who became known as Sekolah to the sahuagin and the other who received legs and assumed the form of a black darfellan man, though he retained the head of a shark and became known as Dakuwaqa to the darfellans, their protector from evils in the deep. The other gods found it appropriate to have the shark god prevent himself from moving more on land but had not counted on the ferocity of Sekolah's response and the long bloody war that ensued.

The Death Snake

The darfellan death deity Degei is described as a snake; he is actually the raptoran/draconic deity Chronepsis.

There will almost certainly be more
the trickster gods may be merged

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