Group 1 Characters
John the Traveller Ninja/Cleric 10 ,16 , 10, 13, 18, 08 26 18 7 5,8,11
Gareth Tannath Warblade/Transmuter 17 ,14 , 12, 16, 10, 10 50 16 6 6,7,5
Marcellino Ragnarok Fighter/Barbarian 20 ,14 , 16, 08, 08, 08 71 16 2 8,4,1
Belis Sorcerer/Beguiler 06 ,14 , 14, 19, 08, 16 33 15 2 4,4,4

John The Traveller

John, Human, 5'8", 160, no deity
Former assassin who forsook that life after being left for dead; trained in medicine; experienced guide

Full Background

John the Traveller was once known by another name, when he was a member of an ancient order of assassins, raised from birth to be an unstoppable instrument of death. He rose in the ranks and had become one of the most respected members of the group, but in his heart he was dissatisfied with his lot in life. When an assassination went wrong and he was left for dead, John was discovered by a wandering mystic and nursed back to health. The mystic believed that he was setting his charge on the right path, and the unknown assassin used his time in recovery to reflect, eventually deciding that he to wanted to devote himself to helping others find their way. He took on a new identity, using both his old skills and what his benefactor had taught him to become a humble guide, a man who will ensure you reach your destination quickly and safely in exchange for a modest amount of money. Seeking to avoid his old group, he roamed far and wide, eventually settling in the colonies. None of John's clients has any idea just how well protected they are when they hire John as a guide, and that is as John wants it, at least for now.

Gareth Tannath

Gareth, Half-Elf, 5'9", 190, Moradin
Knight errant who fought the pirates around Celebarda

Full Background

Gareth Tannath is among the most notable warriors of the colonies. Born to a couple who indentured themselves to acquire passage to Celebarda, Gareth spent much of his youth either helping his parents with their chores (cooking, cleaning, and so on), or serving as an extra set of hands in their wizardly master's laboratory. He proved to be very useful in the latter, and the master was utterly delighted at the interest that the boy took in it, seeing him as a sort of adoptive grandchild. Soon, he began tutoring Gareth, who remained his apprentice even after his parents had fulfilled their bargain.

Unfortunately, not all was peaceful on the coast, and the local garrison was having much difficulty repulsing pirate raids. After a particularly bad assault, Gareth enlisted in the navy, hoping to keep his family safe. There, he served with much distinction, learning his way around a blade, using his magicks to protect his comrades and change the terms of engagement, and slowly growing into a bit of a local celebrity. Eventually, the pirates were repulsed, but Gareth didn't stop. While he retained respect for his instructor, he had outgrown the need for tutelage, and he saw what even his present skills could accomplish for the peace of the world. He became a knight errant, sailing everywhere to help those in need of it. About a year later, his quest has led him to Emcirwen.

Marcellino Ragnarok

Marcellino, Human, 6'. 190, Heironeous
combat training at Bantdol after death of his mother

Full Background

Loyalty. Honor. Glory. Victory. These are the values that Marcel lives by, in order.

Most important is loyalty in those who have stood by him. He is willing to walk all over his principles if it would mean saving his loyal best friend.

Next is the principles of honour, although he does not restrict himself needlessly by such honourable principles. He abides by strict codes of honour especially in regards to combat, but does not heed them when his foe does not either.

Next is the emphasis on glorious combat, more important than victory itself. He is willing to give an opponent a second chance and an honourable death, even if it might result in greater injuries or a great chance of perishing.

Finally is the ultimate goal of all: victory. This is what is to be sought out. Should a war break out, Marcel's role is clear. In the meantime, he adventures and seeks to help the helpless.

Born in Rondost and raised by his uncle in Bandtol in the ways of battle and combat, Marcel looks up to his late father for guidance in his actions. Taught extensively in both aspects of combat, the orderly and the disorderly, Marcel benefits from the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, he has always been backwards and ignorant to the world of magic, oblivious to many of its aspects simply because of his upbringing. He has spent his entire life practicing his combat abilities, never pausing to even learn how to counteract the effects of this mystical world of magic.

However, what he has specialized, he has specialized in well. His combat prowess is unequaled, especially with the use of his greatsword. Throughout his adventures, he has discovered a good role in adventuring parties. He would prove useful as the tip of the spear doing the actual messy work while his more magically-inclined companions would adjust the battlefield.

Marcellino's mother was slaughtered by raging barbarian hordes on the outskirts of his hometown while he was still a toddler. His father, Montgomery, subsequently launched a full-scale attack on them, chasing them almost half-way across the world. His uncle, at the time charged with taking care of him, decided to set sail to the colonies where Montgomery had ended up with his combat expedition, so that Marcel would be able to be close to his father once finished.

Montgomery's expedition came to a halt in Bandtol. The barbarians had broke loose a group of prisoners who had joined them. A bloody final battle ensued between the two forces, one that ultimately led to the barbarians' destruction… though not without a heavy price. Montgomery had died along with more than half of his forces. He had anticipated this, however, and left a few messages for his only son, through journals and letters.

Marcel's uncle, Arthur, saw it only fit to raise Marcel in the same values. No longer having sufficient funds for a return trip (due to various bureaucratic issues), Arthur had decided to settle down in Bandtol. It had turned out to be an excellent training ground, as the prisoners were often available for Marcel's combat training, helping to add to the realism and adrenaline.

After his most recent adventure of slaying a rampaging young Icthyasuar, Marcel's group had broken up, and he is currently in Mirfield looking for more glorious adventures.


Belis, Half-Elf, 4'7". 83, None (himself)
ostracized for weakness in Celebarda, found magic; out to prove himself and become a power

Full background

Born in a mithril-mining town in Celebarda, Belis was quickly ostracized for being too weak to earn his keep. He took up boatbuilding to get himself out of the mines, and trickery to get himself out of trouble. He managed well enough, but his neighbors contempt stuck within him. When he felt magic stirring within him, he became obsessed with becoming a great and powerful mage — greater than every miner in Celebarda put together. Quickly realizing that one small island was too constrained for this, he took to the sea, seeking knowledge, skill, power, wealth, glory and general greatness.

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