The second and largest colony founded by Rondost, TaureLaure tooks its name, which, in the older tongue, means Golden Forest, from the color of the trees that the first surveyors saw as they approached its northern shore. Deeper investigation revealed that gold dust was actually flowing down in the streams that work their way through the forest. This suggested deposits of gold further inland. With the economic situation in Rondost improving somewhat and the ability to bring in cheap labor from Bantdol, Rondost was able to capitalize on it.

Early History

A few gold deposits were found closer to shore than initially anticipated, which resulted in increased excitement about the prospects and swift growth of the colony (being able to offer gold in exchange for services attracts skilled labor), though it was hampered somewhat by the corresponding influx of those seeking to stake their own claim to the gold. As these were mainly freelancers (pirates/privateers/etc) and TaureLaure had been the crux of a new economic alliance between Rondost and Escinya, the ships of both nations were largely able to curtail this problem.

The position of those initial deposits (in sparser regions of the forest nearer the coast) was fortuitous in another way that became apparent later. The initial survey team did not venture too deeply into the forests and were thus unaware that it was the territory of (can't decide if I want centaurs, killoren or both; either centaurs or both). Though the natives had little to no interest in the gold itself, they had strong concerns about the damage that would be done to the wilderness should the Rondosters begin mining the other deposits deeper in the forest.

Conflict ensues. Skirmishes. Resolved by settlers mainly sticking to more coastal deposits and cleaning up after themselves for a while. At which point, if they do well, access to the other sites would be discussed again. No one is thrilled with the decision, but it was the only one that could be made.

Current Political/Economic Significance

  • (update Celebarda) The Silver and Gold Alliance/Treaty/Agreement

Current Population

Notable NPCs

Probable Encounters/Scenarios

  • settlers begin looking for deeper deposits and provoke strong response from natives
  • Pirates raid a gold shipment or a mine
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