Sammanilith and Sahuathork


By a strict definition, Sammanilith is not a colony; the Daernultoki colonists joined an existing darfellan settlement, but as the combined settlement was created during the time of colonization and the group has developed something of a unique culture, it bears mentioning as one.


Sammanilith is the Daernultoki colony that resulted from half of the dwarf exploratory expedition deeper into the Baldric being separated by a storm and then rescued from a sahuagin attack by the darfellans. Two badly damaged dwarf ships made landfall as the darfellans beat back the rest of the attack. Having no easy means of contacting the rest of the expedition, the dwarves negotiated with their rescuers to live among them until they were found. The darfellans agreed and the dwarves joined the settlement, assisting in any way they could, including fighting back against the sahuagin attacks. Their hatred of the sahuagin may not be as long-lived as the darfellans' but they definitely wanted revenge for the attacks on their ships.


When part of the expedition returned to recover those they'd lost in the storm (took a while; storms can last a long time, didn't know where they would have landed or how far off course they might have gotten, and their priority was to establish the intended colony), some chose to remain and the darfellans agreed. A small number of darfellans also accompanied the expedition to the point on the Arnoroth Gulf which would become known as Sahuathork after the great victory the combined Darfellan and Dwarf forces destroyed a massive raiding party of sahuagin, possibly using empty/skeleton dwarf ships as bait. As their assistance was necessary, the dwarves were permitted to stake a claim in that region by the darfellans, though the latter insisted on being able to move freely through it.

Early History

Understandable friction as the populations merged in Sammanilith and as both groups adjusted to the dwarven control of the point in the Arnoroth Gulf. The sahuagins would probably settle down briefly from the bloody nose they just received and assess the new situation with the dwarves in the picture; then attack in great numbers. The conflict is ongoing, but relegated to the shallows or aboard ship where both groups have fight for prolonged periods of time.

Dwarves have now heard bits and pieces of the ancient history of the Baldric, though as legends and from the darfellan point of view. Unclear to what extent they believe it/have inferred what likely happened. Actual exploration in search of these missing lost races would obviously be hampered by the sahuagin. They will generally not speak of it to the other races; some in Mirfield may have heard distorted versions.

Current Political/Economic Significance

Darfellan lore amd knowledge of the land combined with dwarven industriousness and the necessity of defense against the sahuagin have made the region home to the creators of some of the regions best ships, armors and weapons.

Current Population

Mix of dwarves and darfellans, with the exact concentration of each in a given region varying based on their history in the area.

Notable NPCs

  • Darfellan chief
  • Dwarven weapon master
    • his apprentice
  • Darfellan lorekeeper

Probable Encounters/Scenarios

  • Sahuagin attack on the PCs boat and rescue by dwarves/darfellans
  • Hired to procure/trade for weapons from the Sammanilith/Sahuathork manufacturers
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