Early History

Current Political/Economic Significance

This is the only region where gems suitable for becoming weapon augment crystals can be mined. This causes weapon augment crystals and some magic rings to be sold at a 5-10 discount in Mirfield. The crystals are their primary export to the other colonies and back to the old world. As the colony is a mix of both Daernultoki and Escinyans, Mirfield is the most likely colony to have received news from the old world (since both countries would send ships there). This results in Mirfield being slightly ahead of the curve in terms of research from the old world (and fashion; at least they think so).


Three port cities: Emcirwen, Falaville and Ascaer where the populations are predominantly Dwarven, Human and Half-Elven respectively and located progressively east to west.

Four other reasonably large cities spread out behind them (Faernidar, Daubleton, Nogothshire, Hervenen; east to west again) everything else is small villages and farms etc

Current Population

Mix of dwarfs, humans and half-elves; dwarfs have a population advantage due to their settlement being exclusively dwarf and the later settlement being a mix of humans and half-elves. Though the dwarf numbers went down slightly as they migrated into the Sammanilith cove, their long lifespans means that many of those who stayed are still around.

Notable NPCs

Probable Encounters/Scenarios

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