Bantdol was founded as a penal colony by Rondost early in the second wave of Baldric colonization. Despite their desire to capitalize on the newly discovered Baldric region, Rondost was simultaneously facing economic difficulties which would have made a large scale colonization impractical and an overcrowding of their prison system (several in Rondost would probably claim that the economic difficulties prompted an increase in criminal behavior). The partial solution to both the desire to explore and the prison situation (and, it was hoped, the economic downturn) was to establish a penal colony on the island that would come to be known as Bantdol. This would establish a foothold in the new region, remove a large number of criminals from Rondost and provide cheap labor to the new colony.

Details of who set out. Note to self, also need to figure out a colonization timeline.

Early History

The lands on Bantdol were somewhat less arable than initial reports had indicated. More accurately, the crops they had brought with them to sustain them were found to be not the most ideal match for the soil, though some of the smaller crops did better than expected. This caused a food shortage and the associated hardships in the first years of the settlement, resulting in the establishment of relations with the Escinyan colony in Celebarda. The basics of the exchange involved the trade of crops that grew better in the different soils. Additionally, Bantdol agreed to take in the more violent criminals Celebarda didn't want to/didn't have proper facilities to deal with, barring executions and to export some of the less violent offenders on a sort of work-release in which they would serve Celebardans, rather than the free settlers on Bantdol, though with necessarily harsher punishments for attempting to escape/harm the employer etc. Maybe also marked, a la the pirate brand on Sparrow in PotC. I think that makes sense.

Later, Bantdol was used as a staging area for the exploratory expedition that "discovered"/surveyed the region that would become TaureLaure. As the midway point to most of the established colonial regions, it became a convenient, if occasionally risky, port for transferring cargo and passengers moving around the Baldric

Current Political/Economic Significance

Bantdol's location in the middle of the Bandric which provides accessibility to the three western colonies and its ready supply of cheap labor (in the form of freed or work-release prisoners) gave it a significance that the Rondost government could not have anticipated. Though some still avoid it due to its origins as, essentially, a prison camp, the efforts the free settlers on Bantdol have gone to to ensure the safety of those who do business there have impressed most of the Baldric settlers. Its crops, though grown in relatively small amounts, are also of use to the other colonies.

(If I decide there was an inter-colony conflict, the sub-island off the west coast is probably where it was resolved. Neutral ground and all that.)

Still loyal to Rondost, but as new prisoners (and probably guards) have filtered in and the economic ties to the others colonies have grown, they are considered somewhat more neutral by the rest of the colonies

Current Population

Mix of prisoners and free settlers. Probably base it on a scaled-down Australia from its fairly early, but not initial, state as a penal colony.

Notable NPCs

  • Local officials
    • Military/Law enforcement - I'm imagining that the line between law enforcement and the corrections officers on Bantdol is fairly thin, with some people performing both tasks and others moving from one to the other over time, in both cases maintaining order
      • Military Governor/Warden - need to establish a time frame to determine if this is the original governor or his successor (son, chosen replacement, voted replacement)
      • Guards/Constabulary - guards would be considered free-settlers, but were probably granted less or no title of land and thus had to work for their position there. As the citizenry grew, even if they were not originally intended to be the police force for the free-settlers, they would have assumed the role out of necessity and their suitability for it.
      • Customs/border/coast officials - An entity that would monitor the traffic in and out of both people and cargo. Prevent prisoner escape, monitor for drugs?
    • Religious - not exactly sure how large a religious presence would have come over with a penal colony. At least some would have come over with the mission/intent of reforming the prisoners. Assume it's a particular religious order, some of them would probably also sign on to be the spiritual guidance to the new colony and provide comfort as they were far from home, etc.
    • Economic - officials of the trading company that signed on to bring people over to Bantdol, etc
  • Significant Free-settlers
    • Second son of a nobleman/his descendants who left Rondost when economic downturn made it unlikely the second son would get much in the way of an inheritance
    • The members of the religious order mentioned above, probably a church established among the free settlers and a few missionary types who attempt to redeem the prisoners
    • The military governor/warden, of course; probably a retired military officer; at least the original was
    • Probably at least two of the guards/constables will be notable, one for his ties to some sort of black market, the other for being the most honest of them all
  • Significant Inmates
    • Leaders of two or three different gangs, one probably mainly half-elf and the other probably mainly human
    • Black market kingpin

Probable Encounters/Scenarios

  • PCs are arrested for a crime and sentenced to Bantdol
  • prisoner uprising occurs on Bantdol and PCs are sent to help suppress it
  • PCs find stowaway from Bantdol after sailing/having trade deal nearby
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